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2008 Vancouver BC Photo Workshop

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I definitely enjoy British Columbia (BC) Canada and this journal series is about a two part, two week, trip in BC. The first part is a week long photography workshop in Vancouver BC at a Jay Maisel workshop titled Perception, Light, Gesture and Color. The second week is a trip up to Whistler to capture some images in the mountains.

My friend Chris from the Antarctic trip last year organized this trip along with Rusty and when I found out they were planning it I invited myself along!

Click on the underlined date links below to view the respective journal entries:

May 16th - 18th Drive up to Vancouver BC and spend the weekend in town prior to the workshop.
May 19th - 21st First three days of the workshop.
May 22nd - 23rd Last two days of the workshop.
May 24th - 26th Whistler BC.
May 27th - 29th Whistler BC to Tacoma WA.
May 30th - 31st Mount Rainier and finally home.