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2007 Alaska Road Trip

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Day 1 through Day 4 (Thursday-Sunday, August 16-19, 2007)

King and Eppie's Cabin at Heather Meadows near Mount Shuksan and Mt. Baker

At the start of our trip we are not actually camping but we are spending several days visiting Tony's Aunt and Uncle, Eppie and King, at the national forest service cabin they are staying at in Heather Meadows between Mt. Baker and Mount Shuksan. King and Eppie are the summer hosts at the national forest service's Visitor Center at Heather Meadows.

The first photo below is the car at my house with everything loaded up and just seconds before we started driving.


We drove straight through and arrived at the cabin after dark and late. The photo below is the next morning after we properly parked the trailer and plugged it in. We are actually staying in the cabin. Heather Meadows is a ski area in the winter and this cabin is used then as a place for the ski patrol to sleep. During the summer, King and Eppie get to stay in it as the hosts of the nearby visitor center.


The photo below is the view of Mount Shuksan that you get if you look out the front of the cabin shown above. Picture this as my trailer directly behind me while I'm taking the photo.

Mount Shukson

This is a view of Table Mountain that you get if you look off to the right from the front of the cabin.

Table Mountain

The following are some photos from a hike we took from Artist Point above Heather Meadows. Mt. Baker is near but was hidden behind the clouds.


Below is another view of Mount Shuksan but this time from the Artist Ridge Trail.

Mount Shukson

Some pretty ferns we found next to the trail.

Mountain Ferns

As we were headed back towards the car a father and his son, both with wide eyes, told us that they had just seen a bear on the trail that we where headed towards. I put the long lens on the camera and headed down the trail but we were unable to spot the bear. However, we did spot the mountain goats shown below.

Mountain Goats

The following photo is of the Heather Meadows Visitor's Center that King and Eppie run during the summer. We spent part of one afternoon attending a slide show put on by a Local of some glass plate slides taken in the 1920s and 30s around the area. There was some good photos of a large lodge in Heather Meadows that opened in 1927 but unfortunately burned down only four years after it opened. The Visitor's Center below was built in 1940.

Heather Meadows Visitor Center

The following photo looks down on the Heather Meadows ski area. The cabin we are staying at is in the trees in the far center of the photo below. All the rest of the structures are part of the ski area.

Heather Meadows

The following is another photo of a cloud covered Mount Shuksan taken from Picture Lake.

Picture Lake

Here is a photo of Eppie, King, Tony and Gus (the dog). This was taken just before King and Eppie went to work at the Visitor's Center.

King, Eppie, Tony and Gus

We are leaving shortly, but we just saw a black bear outside the front window of the cabin. My camera was in the car and when I went outside the bear of course wandered off into the brush.

Some more of Tony's relatives are showing up at the cabin today so we are hanging out a few more hours so that Tony can visit with them. We will then leave and cross the border this afternoon and camp somewhere just the other side of the border in Canada.

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