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2007 Alaska Road Trip

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Day 16 (Friday, August 31, 2007)

Marion Creek Campground to River's Edge RV Park (Fairbanks)

This morning we toured Wiseman, a very small 100 year old mining town not far from our campground.

Below is the Wiseman post office. Currently it is not being used. We believe that there is about 25 people living in Wiseman.

Wiseman Post Office

This shot shows Tony in downtown Wiseman.


The town actually has a museum, unfortunately it was not open while we were there, but here is a shot of the front of it that I liked.


The folks in Wiseman are very good about recycling their Budweiser and Diet Pepsi cans.

Wiseman Recycling

We also walked through Wiseman's cemetery. It was up on a hill behind town in among the trees. I suppose it's possible that this spot was clear a hundred years ago. If it was it would have had a nice view of the bend in the river that is next to town.

Wiseman Cemetery

There were a number of these types of funeral plots from 1915 to 1925 or so. The newest plot I noticed was from about 1970.


I felt a little sorry for Mike and his overgrown plot.


Here is a shot of the river right next to town.


As we walked through town I could not resist taking several photos of the local church.


Here is the other side of the church that had the entrance.


Here is the inside of the church. It was a very nice and obviously actively looked after church, you just have to ignore the sort of rough outside.

Church Inside

On our drive back to Fairbanks we went through one section of road that was being actively graded and watered to keep the dust down. We got very muddy.

Road Dirt

Just before the brand new section of paved road that we had cruised through two days ago we came to a stop for 20 minutes waiting for a pilot car to take us through due to the fact that they were painting the lines.


The RV park in Fairbanks we are in tonight is not interesting enough to include any photos.

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