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2007 Iceland Photography Trip

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Day 13 (Tuesday, July 3, 2007)

Geirland to Hótel Hekla/Brjánsstaðir (Explored southern interior north of MýradalsJökull ice cap, 314 km)

Update (7/4/07) - My apologies to those who looked at the first version of this web page, last night I was having significant connectivity issues and was unable to upload all the files properly.

We woke up to gray skies again today. We were hoping for for morning sunlight because we had picked out a few spots to go this morning that should have looked really good for photographs in the morning light.

This morning we decide to take a route inland going northwest just north of the MýradalsJökull ice cap. Prior to that we first went to the town of Vik to get fuel and then back tracked a bit to pick up the road we needed. Below is today's church photo from Vik.


On our inland journey we saw a number of isolated patches of snow.

Snow Patch

At times the road was good and at times is was not. The photo below represents a good portion. What I didn't get a good photo of but Rusty has some good video of is that we forded about twenty river crossings on this route. It was a lot of fun, but at times it seemed like we were awfully deep in the water. We definitely cleaned the underside of the car and part of the sides as well! It was a little unnerving since the only thing our insurance on the SUV specifically does not cover is damage while fording a river!

Mtn Roads

One thing that gave us some confidence is that the road we were on was fairly well traveled. We saw more traffic than we had on better roads, including bus traffic. These mountain tour buses are something to see, they have big tires, lots of clearance underneath and a sloped back end so they can climb steep hills. The only bad part is when you have to pass one on the one lane roads.

Mtn Bus

Below is a wide angle view of the part of the interior that we traversed today.

Mtn View

Some of the scenery was very interesting.


Some of it was used by the astronauts for moon landing training.

Moon Scape

Just to prove that Iceland is not purely powered by geothermal, here is a photo of a hydro-electric dam.


I forgot to get a photo of tonights hotel, I'll try to remember to get one in the morning.

Tonight is our last night in the countryside, tomorrow we head back into Reykjavik and repack for our flight home the next morning.

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