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2007 Iceland Photography Trip

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Day 1 (Thursday, June 21, 2007)

Seattle WA, USA to Reykjavik, Iceland (Fly)

The start of the flight went very well. Bob drove me to the airport and it was a breeze getting checked in and onto the airplane. We left on time and I had no trouble meeting Rusty in the Admiral's Club at JFK for a few drinks before our flight to Iceland.

Getting on the Icelandair flight also went well and was on time. Icelandair served us a pleasant dinner of meatballs with free wine and even included a great brownie for dessert. The plane was even very stable during dinner with practically no risk of spilling your wine. This was of course due to the fact that we had dinner and watched one and a half movies while sitting in the plane on JFK's taxi ways for just over three hours while we waited out a thunder and lightening storm outside and then we waited in a queue while the airport tried to recover from the 120 planes that were all doing the same thing by time the storm ended. At one point the captain told us that we were number 70 for takeoff. The end result of all this was that it was a very long and tiring flight despite it being only a 5 hour flight in the air.

Did I mention that I have never slept well on planes?

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